Tar and Chip Paving Reston VA

Have you heard of tar and chip paving and are interested in using it for your property in Reston VA? If so, then our paving company would love to help. Our paving contractors specialize in tar and chip paving as well as asphalt paving solutions throughout the Reston VA area. While not every paving contractor provides tar and chip sealing, we do. If you want to add a unique driveway or parking lot to your property with this unique material, we can help. Here’s what you need to know before you hire our tar and chip paving contractors.  

What is Tar and Chip? What Areas it’s Great For

Tar and Chip Paving Reston VA

Tar and chip is a great solution for driveways and parking lots. Our paving contractors will first apply a hot mix of liquid asphalt to your property, whether that is a driveway or parking lot. Once that it is applied, we will add a layer of mixed rock to the top. We will then compact this down so that the surface is smooth and ideal for driving. You can even customize tar and chip paving solutions to fit your preference.  

At Reston Paving Contractors, we use the finest quality tar and chip materials to make sure your property looks its best once we are through. By using the highest quality asphalt and liquid cement and by using the best looking aggregate rock, the outcome is a gorgeous property that represents your best interest.  

Tar and chip is less expensive than asphalt as well. It is assembled on site, unlike asphalt or cement. This allows us to create the perfect mix based on your property and its structure as well. For over 100 years, tar and chip has been used as a paving material, and you cannot go wrong with using it for your driveway, roadway, or another surface.  

Benefits of Using Tar and Chip Paving 

If you want to install tar and chip onto the surface of your driveway, roadway, or even parking lot, there are many benefits for choosing it. The benefits of choosing this material include the following.  

-Has a natural beauty to it.  

Tar and chip is consider a rustic material that looks great even among the most diverse of backdrops.  

-Improves traction 

That’s right, tar and chip paving can even improve the traction of your driveway, roadway, or parking lot. The rough, gritty nature of this material makes it easier to grip the surface.  

-Maintenance free!  

Tar and chip never require sealcoating and is rarely in need of repairs.  

-Doesn’t absorb heat 

This material is also a cooler surface than asphalt. It doesn’t absorb the sun’s rays or heat making it a longer lasting material.  

The life expectancy of tar and chip is also much longer than other types of paving material. So, it’s a good idea to think about using this solution on your surface.  

Learn More and Get a Free Estimate 

Tar and Chip Paving Reston VA

If this material sounds like a good option for your property, then it is time to give Reston Paving Contractors a call. We’ll provide you with a free estimate today!