Hidden Creek Country Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious private country clubs in the United States. Since its founding in 1930, it has been the destination of choice for some of the most influential members of society. The club has seen them all, from effective business leaders and renowned athletes to royalty and the occasional celebrity. But despite the glitz and luxury associated with its members and reputation, the real secret of Hidden Creek Country Club lies beneath its beloved grounds. The foundation of Hidden Creek Country Club was built to provide its members with a place of escape, relaxation, and recreation. The club prides itself on its expansive golf course, expansive woodlands, and its myriad of amenities, but what has kept it hidden in plain sight until now are the laws and bylaws that have kept it unchanged and intact since its inception. The architecture of the course follows a strict set of guidelines that generations of golfers have embraced. Every hole of the course requires each golfer to play their shots off the same tee boxes, fairways, and greens as were used by the original designers of the system. The clubhouse is also designed according to similar principles, with the same rustic stone, brick, and wooden features of the original facility still intact today. Learn more here.

The property is meticulously maintained by a team of dedicated groundskeepers who ensure that the quality of play remains consistent throughout its eighteen championship-level golf holes. Keeping up with the maintenance of the course is a 24/7 job, with detailed records and logs of every maintenance procedure. Such meticulous attention to detail means that every blade of grass is treated as if it were a precious jewel. Club members are expected to adhere to specific strict rules and conduct themselves following high standards. It’s no secret that club members come from some of the most well-heeled circles in the world. However, etiquette and respect remain paramount at the club. Over the years, the club’s executives have enforced a strict dress code, and any violations will not be tolerated. The same goes for any behavior that could be deemed inappropriate or disruptive. It’s also no surprise that membership to the club comes with a hefty price tag. For those privileged enough to call Hidden Creek Country Club their home, exclusivity is one of its biggest draws. A limited number of memberships are available each year and remain tightly controlled. Outsiders are rarely granted permission to enter the club. The general public can only access the club’s grounds for special events and tournaments held throughout the year. Learn more about Delicious Food at The Capital Burger in Reston, VA.